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              ??Abstract: This article introduces the application of Acrel DC meters in PV system in Canada.The device is measuring current,together with shunt.


              ??Project Overview


              ??The company is located in Canada, and the company is mainly engaged in the photovoltaic industry. The customer wants to use the DC meter DJSF1352-RN and shunt to monitor and measure the current and voltage of the photovoltaic system and use the switch function of the DC meter for control.


              ??DJSF1352-RN Series DC Energy Meters


              ??DJSF1352-RN series intelligent DC energy meter is designed for applications such as DC panels, solar power,telecommunications base stations, and charging posts. This series of instruments can measure voltage, current, power,forward and reverse power in DC system. It can be used for local display, and connected with industrial control

              ??equipment, computers, form a measurement and control system. And it has a variety of external excuse functions for the user to choose: RS485 communication interface, Modbus-RTU protocol, relay alarm output, digital input/output. According to different requirements, through the instrument panel keys, you can set the ratio, communication parameters.

              ??3.型號說明 Model Description


              ??Technical data


              ??Product main functions


              ??Installation picture